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Masquerade by eychanchan Masquerade by eychanchan
I painted this a while ago and threw it in a temporary folder where it's been sitting there for weeks. I initially had this image in my head that I just wanted to paint casually or just as practice, and wanted to experiment with more muted colors. Wasn't really coming out the way I wanted -- and that's why it ended up in the temp folder~

Anyway, if anyone's still actually reading this, I'm bored and I'm turning this into a contest:

:bulletorange: COMMENT BELOW with a backstory, synopsis, dialogue or plot for this image and I'll pick two winners by December 23rd.
:bulletorange: Each Winner will receive a StupidFox Tote Bag, a Mini Keychain, and a bunch of buttons or whatever, shipped free (US or Internationally). See Items Here
:bulletorange: One Winner will be for Best Story. Second Winner will be for Dumbest/Funniest Story (if there are enough to choose from).
:bulletorange: Minimum is Two Sentences, Maximum is Two Paragraphs. I don't care about grammar as long as it's legible.
:bulletorange: You can refer to their names by their shirt color or animal masks -- and you can assume what kind of animals they are or see tags
:bulletorange: More than one submission can have the same theme. But if two submitted stories are extremely similar, I'd choose the earliest one -- and the later one would be runner up if the first person doesn't claim the prize. You are also free to make minor edits to your comment/submission.
:bulletorange: Keep it Clean: Any vulgar or offensive comments/submissions will be hidden.
:bulletorange: Winners will be sent a note by December 23, and their stories will be highlighted and copy/pasted here.
:bulletorange: Deadline is December 23. Submissions must be made as a comment here -- Notes or private messages as submissions will be ignored. Feel free to message me if you have any questions though!</u></u>
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The-Lonely-Chemist Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
Blue shirt is a nobleman who has been drugged by white shirt and red shirt.  The drug is causing him to act out of character and the yellow dress goaded him into arguing with brown shirt, who is his lover.  White shirt is a colleague of brown shirt who has been constantly outdone by him since they were in grade school, and hopes that brown and blue will split up causing a drop in power/esteem for brown shirt (who is not noble), and allow him to go after his career or possibly his life without fear of retribution from Blue.  Red shirt is in love with Blue, or more like an unhealthy obsession, so he wants Brown out of the way.

Yellow dress is the sister of White shirt and she actually conceptualized the plan because she runs a very successful, but shady, trade operation and Brown shirt is familiar with her shady tendencies, and she wants him out of the way so she can get Blue into a corner and swindle him out of his inheritance.
QuixoticApricot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Writer
Lord Kettleby, hiding behind the mask of a bull, passed his glass of wine to his wife. The masquerade ball had been ruined, he'd complained, the moment that the man wearing the boar mask had arrived. The duke in said mask had every right to attend, and Lady Kettleby had tried to ask her husband to be civil. Her request would go unheard; for months rumors of an affair between Lady Kettleby and the Duke had swept through the aristocracy. Though the woman in the rabbit mask fervently denied them, she understand her lord's frustration and told him how she wished she could quell his doubts. She had begged her husband to pay the Duke no heed, and tonight, of all nights, to let him be.

But Lord Kettleby had approached the boar-faced Duke nonetheless, and would soon be stirring himself into a frenzy. In trying to defend his wife's honor, though, he did not know that he would soon lose his own. Once he, in his passion, had insulted the Duke enough, there would be the challenge of a duel. Lord Kettleby would be killed. There would be no other outcome, not after he finished his wine. The server in the cat mask had been ever so kind to add a little something more to Lord Kettleby's glass, and soon, the drink would overtake him and turn him into a bumbling fool. Everything had been arranged perfectly. Before Lady Kettleby offered her husband his glass once again, she gave the server the faintest of smiles. 
biasedeyes Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
The Ayerleon Ball was a holdout from a local festival stretching back beyond memory. Gone were the actual animal skulls, replaced by carven wood masks with stingy eyeholes jutting from the head. Gone were the furs hanging from the skull, and normal clothing meant it was much easier to recognize the parties you'd come with just by looking down. There were always a few outrageous wagtongues who contended that this unfortunate persistence of recognition impeded the traditional function of the Ball as an orgy. If there were eyebrows raised or winks passed from beneath the recesses of masks, who could say? While there is no indication that the Ball ever had such lascivious connotations, it is certainly somewhat tamer than in ancient times, when death attended every Ball. Still, it is much more difficult to recognize others beneath the guise of a mask and unfamiliar clothes. Sex aside, strange relationships still bloom and wither each Ball, and there are always a few thefts. While one doesn't quite expect a knife to the side at a Ball, it happens once every few years, certainly with much more frequently than at any other time for the castle inhabitants.

The young lord of Ayerleon looked nothing like a lord of Old, who would tower over his subjects, or at least look them in the eye. He certainly sounded the part, at least. He had taken up his duties eagerly despite his young age and slow quickening, and owned no compunction dishing out what he thought of as justice and discipline in equal measure. His lack of subtlety belied a cruelty and disregard which pushed the more sensitive from his court and attracted any willing to make the bitter, flippant interpretations of law he desired. Still, his stubborness would be his undoing. Had he even a small measure of instinct, of self-preservation, he might have thought to dress more humbly, or at least not accept glasses from strangers on that night. As it was, there was no need for a knife, just a special glass of champagne. He would be dead by the morrow. Slain before his subjects in an act hidden simply because, masked, no one chose to look.
Emberguard Featured By Owner 1 day ago   General Artist
Hmm. so if I'm right we have a Fox (which at first I thought was a wolf because the hair matches the mask so well), Bat, Bunny, Bull and Pig/Hog? 
xxRisunaxx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
    "There she is," Red Wolf said to Greyhound as he pulled the shorter man to the shadows of the ballroom. "How do we get get the potion in her drink?"
    "Leave that to me," Greyhound smirked before disappearing into the crowd of dancers. Red Wolf leaned against the wall as he watched White Rabbit who fiddled with a half filled glass in her hand. He noticed the bored expression on her face as Blue Ox conversed with Brown Boar about the fundamentals of modern economy.
    Suddenly, she glanced over in his direction. Every instinct in him told him to look away but he could see Greyhound closing in on her, & as he passed, dropped part of the vial's liquid into her glass. This was his chance. All she had to was drink the liquid & she'll finally be free of Blue Ox's spell.
Ghalaghor Featured By Owner 2 days ago
It was the annual masquerade ball where everyone who got invited was wearing a mask that was supposed to represent their inner animal, but some times at least one or three of the guests chose the wrong mask. Nobody could remove them until the sun rose up in the morning and everyone acted differently than they usually did. For example, a shy young man wearing a mask adorned with the feathers of a peacock was more eager to talk to others instead of hiding in the back of the crowd. Both the fox and wolf were plotting against the bull who was one of their best friends and yet everyone would be fine the next day no matter what happened during the masquerade ball. This didn't mean that everything would be forgotten, of course. And so a new magical evening full of mystery began like every year. Sometimes the masks chose their wearer, others picked a new mask or only got invited once.
Lyrak Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
The man in the fox mask slipped into the corner under cover of the dark-haired gentleman's loud complaining. True to his word, the man in the wolf mask was already in the corner. He didn't know the man's name. Didn't need it.

"You've been watching?"

"Indeed, sir fox. He is a creature of habit, this rival of yours."

"Good. That's good." He slipped the poison out of a pocket, passing it over quietly. "As promised. It is my understanding that this should leave no trace. My friend is... skilled at such creations. Now, about payment..."

The wolf-man waved him off. "None. For this one, it is my pleasure."
CaptainLEM Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
(Please, forgive me for my terrible English)

Bull approached slowly Wild Boar, who was the person in charge of the party. He moved forward slowly, in counted steps, on the white marble of the ballroom.
One step, two steps.
The brilliant eyes of the wolf and the cat did not release him, on the lookout for its slightest movements.
Finally, Bull was in front of the person whom he looked for. He opened his mouth, and says slowly, seriously, as the dinner guests held their breath:
-Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

EillaThePortalMaker Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

     ‘Leave it tae a boar 'n' a bull tae lock horn and tusk whent th' haun o' a bonny bunny is at stake’  thought wolf as the two beast argued. The bunny stood idly by, not very happy mind you. Wolf could tell she wanted to leave.

     “Go on then” chuckled his friend, Lynxs “ask her to dance with you, I can tell you want to”  Wolf scoffed, shaking his head making his dark curls bounce “That bonny bunny wid ne'er dance wi' th' likes o' me” Wolf said, then quickly turns his head as a couple of birds walked past to two friends “...besides, we ur tae be hidden senes we wur nae invited in th' first place!” Wolf hissed. But Lynxs only laughed

     “you worry too much dear chap!” he said holding up a small silver bottle “you will find that no one will remember a thing in next morning!” Lynx added with a devilish grin. “Ye git th' beast o' ryle even mair drunk? does ye cleverness know no ends?! ” Wolk snickers, patting his friend on the shoulder. Lynx only tilted his head before saying “don’t forget to thank me old sport!” and pushing Wolf right into Bunny.

     Bunny let out a small gasped, almost spilling her drink as someone was shoved into her. “I say!” she said, turning around to face a rather tall looking beast who look just as surprised as she was. “Ah mist ask fur yer forgiveness!” Wolf said quickly with a bow. Bunny tilted her head and glanced over at Bull and Boar. Both still arguing over her and yet heading her no mind.

    “ harm done I suppose” Bunny sighed sadly, looking away from Wolf. There was a moment of painful silences when Wolf finally spoke, “It wid be ever wonderful if ye would...allow me a dance?” he afford a hand with his head bowed. The poor beast was turning pink! Bunny look at Wolf, then down at his outreached hand. Wolf could no longer bear how quite she was and quickly turns away

    “Forgive wis foolish o' me tae-"

    “I would love a dance!” Wolf quickly spun around. Bunny was giving him the most pure and beautiful smile he had ever seen “in truth, you are first to ask me and I would simply love a dance!” Bunny said softly, “the question is...would care to dance with me” she added as she offerd her own hand. Wolf returned the smile “Ah wid loue nothing more” Wolf said, taking her hand.

BritneyMorgan Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist

"Dammit, Cat, did you spike the punch again?"
"... Maybe."
EillaThePortalMaker Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
This made me laugh...more then it should haveMeow :3 
Serratiger Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I would love to join such a party~
rodrev Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just waiting for everyone to break out and start sining "Dog goes woff, cat goes mjau..." ;) 
ABBYNORMAL326 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"I wish that bull would finish up so she could hand him the drink," Wolf mumbled irritably to his companion. "By time he's done prattling on, the party will be over and we'll get nothing." 
"Patience, brother, patience," Cooed Bat. "Our lovely sister will give him the drink. She has a way with politely interrupting, as you might recall." 
The Wolf huffed, peering over at their prey as he continued to gab with a boar. It'd taken them hours to get this close, even longer to get invited to this snobby masquerade. After sneaking their sister into enough social events, they were finally able to snag the attention of an arrogant brat. He thought he'd caught himself a pure white rabbit to hold and cherish, but did not know she came with tainted guests. By letting a creature of the day in, he'd also unwittingly invited creatures of the night. 
"Look, look, she's handing him the drink," whispered Bat excitedly, "And look, he's even letting her pour it into his mouth, the poor fool." 
"He's not poor yet, but he will be tonight," replied Wolf. 
Bull laughed after finishing the drink and pulled Rabbit towards him for an awkward kiss. Clenching his teeth, Wolf fought the urge to go over and smack the boy for his insolence. Treating their darling sister some pet, something to be man-handled. It made his blood boil. However, his brother was right, they needed to be patient. After the party was over, after all the rich dregs left, and after the the young bull was tucked, they would strike. He'd be unconscious and unaware of the theft taking place in his own stall. The pure white rabbit he had so adored would ultimately lead to his down fall. 
juicefilled Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In a way, I find this really creepy.
Obelis Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I want that wolf mask.
ZachValkyrie Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Professional Writer
Paper faces on parade
PepeEse Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  New Deviant… this will blow your mind!
hochibi Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Like the color composition.
Amontheblack25000 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it reminds me f the setting in the movie called ,ask of the red death. with Vincent price. if you have not seen that movie or you you need to. this picture reminds me of a scene where everyone is talking/
Psychogodboy Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Professional Filmographer
nice! I want to go to that party. yes it works
SansTheCheshire Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017
"What a bore." thought Rabbit bitterly. I wish these balls were not so dreadfully stuffy. My betrothed Bull over there looks like he's having fun. Atleast I know that he is faking it, that's the thing, we're both are so much alike it's like we were made for eachother. I give a small smile thinking back to how we met.

It was arranged at birth of course, but we had never met until a ball quite like this. I was the shame of my family, attracting suitors but never accepting them. To them I was a failure, too independent, strong willed and fierce. I was the opposite of what was expected. I was standing by the wall when I see a figure approaching. "Great" I thought "Another man coming to ask for my hand." He was on the shorter side, but I thought it rather cute, long hair tied back and a bull mask on. An odd choice, but I was no different as I was wearing a rabbit mask. When he came over

he asked "what is such a lovely lady doing over here alone?"

I ignored him still holding onto the idea that he was just another pig wanting my body. But little did I know this man would change my life for the better...
the1lady-in-red Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

The man in the cat masked looked around completely confused and out of it… When did he ever get here? Looking down at the bottle he squinted… what in the world?  “Are you okay dear friend?” A man in a wolf looking mask questioned noticing his unsteady figure and how he seemed to sway.


“Yes… I’m quite fine! I think…” The Man in the cat masked looking around his words slurred and his vision starting to blur. Looking over at the Boar, Rabbit, and Bull. His vision was starting to blur to the point where he could barely make out the figures, but before his vision went fully black he could have sworn they started doing some stupid jig.


Letting out a scream the man jerked forward nearly hitting his head on the table. His dirty blond hair was pressed flat against his head from the sweat… Reaching out for the pill bottle he squinted and read the side effects. “May cause possible hallucinations… And five more days of this… end me…” He groaned as he slumped back into the chair. 

(I hope I did this right if I didn't please alert me and I'll be glad to rewrite!)

ladyphantomofmusic Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017
The wolf pursed his lips. "Has the poison not taken affect yet?" "In due time my friend." Cat purred, a smile twitching at the lips as he fiddled with the empty vial, his hand became still. "Ah, and there we are, see my friend, how her lips pucker, she has tasted something is off. It is only a matter of time." The wolf all but snarled. "Her bull will help her, if he senses she is in danger." "Not quite." Cat purred again. "Our boorish friend has him distracted. Playing to his ego of course. A stubborn bull that man is, and she is too timid to say anything. All part of the plan." "Your cunning and play will get us caught if we aren't too careful." The cat chuckled at the wolf.

Bunny hated parties, her date, her escort, had paid her almost no attention, save for the wine he had made sure she had received. She wasn't one for drinking, though it did help drown out the voices. The party was crowded, so she had bumped into many men. When she and the Bull did finally stop, he had gotten into a heated debate with a Boar clad man. She sipped on her wine again, once, twice, three times before she noticed something was off. The flavor had changed, her heart started to flutter, was it finally catching up to her? The drink, the excitement, she wasn't sure. She bit her lip, she wanted to say something, perhaps ask if they could leave, but her date, he was still speaking, getting louder with each breath. So she stood, waiting, patiently, her hand starting to tremble as she started hearing her own heart beat pounding in her ears.
Estelle-Verteller Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Student General Artist
"I think the drugs you slipped him might be working a bit too well."

"Gee, I wonder what gave it away. The fact 'Lord' Bull is singing about his love for bacon?"

"Oh look. He's stripping."

(Is this vulgar? I'm not sure.)
SueaNoi Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"This is a very fancy furry convention"

............I'm sorry. XDDDD I'll see myself out.
ForsakenStrange Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Shit that hella pretty
eychanchan Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how this was worded hahaha Haha emoticon 
ForsakenStrange Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Nice to know someone finds me humorous
smilyimp Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017
Ohh!!! this is awesome :heart:
BornFreak Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist
I love thos mask designs
CharlestheComicArtis Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
an aristocrats job is to continue to stay as an aristocrat
FlowerCookies Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Just as some context for how I picture this. These people live in a world where they must wear their masks no matter what. A predator is considered lowly and poor, whereas prey is higher class.)
       Fox and Ocelot huddled in their corner, wathing as Lord Boar and Bull argued. The beautiful and enchanting Rabbit stood nearby, watching her fiancé quietly. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Fox asked his younger brother. "If you successfully poison the Lord Bull, and steal his mask, you will take his place as a royal. None will doubt your power." Ocelot stood unfazed by Fox's words. His eyes were locked on Rabbit. "You would live a lie! I may be a predator, but I wouldn't stoop as low as to steal another's mask for this kind of power!"
       Ocelot closed his eyes and sighed. "This isn't for any kind of power. It is the Rabbit I want." His grasp tightened against the small vile of poison. "Long have I waited for the day where she would care for me the way I do for her. I have watched her, waited for the day that she would be mine. I have longed for her to stand by my side, no matter what happens." The rest of the ball went well for Ocelot. He was able to slip poison into Lord bull's wine so swiftly, not even the Wise Owl or Wtychful Crow would've caught him. Next, he waited. Soon, he heard the wails and gasps of other people. His poison must've worked! He briskly walked towards the swarm of people, a slight smirk on his face, but then he saw the Bull, standing with no sign of illness. Ocelot pushed his way through the crowd and saw his Precious rabbit sprawled on the ballroom floor. Her wineglass lied broken next to her. Ocelot wailed and dropped to the floor next to her. He look his love's hand and sobbed. Then, he felt the remainder of the poison was still in his pocket. Ocelot pulled it out. He pulled off the cork...
       And took his final breath.
Draco56 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017   Writer
Impressive picture! You're talented.
The-Other-Mooncry Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017   General Artist
A Masquerade for the Fools and the Brutes, and the Clever and the Cunning, where everyone drinks and dances the cold night away. Everyone hide their true personas behind their masks with everyone's only clue to anyone's identity is the animal that represents them. One little glass vial will shift the path of the night's events in unexpected ways.
Guilty-10-Games Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017
NevermoreFox Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Masquerade. To put it simply, or rather, in mortal terms, The Masquerade is a dance, a ball, a party where one can socialize with others without being recognized. In broader more complicated terms, I.E. The definition used by The Kindred, It is the act of keeping hidden from mortal view the secrets of the society knows as Vampires.

It is not uncommon for those within the vampire society with a taste for the ironic to hold such parties as a way of entertaining themselves as well as their guests, Mortal and Kindred. This Masquerade, however, has not been thrown for fun or festivities, it has been planned to trap the city's Prince (Bull) and usurp his power. As planned by a team of kindred (Fox, Cat, Bunny, Boar) under the employ of the potential new Prince.
JKSDXDSSMfan Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Wolf’s dark eyes scanned the dance floor, only briefly acknowledging the quarreling Bull and Boar who stood blind to the world around them. He was thankful for the midwinter Ball Masque, one of the few occasions during which the sharp features and shifty eyes of thieves would go unnoticed. What an opportunity.

Fox swept his way through the crowd and back to his compatriot. 

”Finished?” Wolf whispered, watching the duchess from his hiding place. 

Fox brandished the empty vial. “She’ll be ours by midnight.” A smirk crept over his face as he examined Bunny’s delicate features, impossible for even her mask to hide. “I love the thrill of the hunt, don’t you?”

Wolf’s attention remained fixed on Bunny, and would remain there for the rest of the night. 

“Not as much as I love catching my prey.”
peeteargriffen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017
Clearly a deleted scene from "Eyes Wide Shut"
Tobaeus Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017   Writer
"Is everything in place?"

"Not quite. Our friends ran into some trouble with the night watch on their way here. They need more time."

"Time is the one thing we don't have. If she gives that speech at midnight, we're done for."

"Rest easy. I always come through, don't I?"

"But we're running out of time. There's only a few minutes left."

"Those weren't the only friends I invited. Look, here comes my plus one. She'll take care of it."

"And then we can put this whole messy business behind us."
OPFreak34 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2017
"Yes, you're right. They truly are." Cat snickered muffled under his mask and breath before gulping down the rest of the potion they had worked on for several days. The one that made him numb in an instant to all the ruckus around him and was poison in his veins- poison which his heart most eagerly pumped through his body, limbs, organs and brain. Wolf sighed. "You are too young for this, you know? And if you would give me just a little bit more time, I could make you an antidote. One that would cure you not only of this."
"I know." That was all he answered. All he ever said to this matter only that this time he pulled his knife from its sheath and turned towards the bull and his oh-so-lovely anxious bunny bride. Boar was doing well in being a distraction, talking openly about rumours, that made the crowd frozen in shock and the bull red with anger. It would take him a second. He'd slit his arm, slit whatever he could get hold of of them and be gone. Or rather a goner. Whether that was because of the poison or the guards didn't really matter to him. The sudden weight of Wolf's paw on his shoulder made him look up again. "Do me a favour and make it taste better next time we do this, okay?"
If it weren't for his blurring sight Cat could've sworn to see a smile on Wolf's face - hallucinations, obviously, as Wolf had never even smirked since he knew him. "Sure. And then I'll make sure to show you our new city."

Edit: Some of these comments have such amazing/hilarious stories :O I want a like button!!
Doodlee-a Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
The young Bull challenged the boar. Little did he know, the rabbit whose affections he was trying to win had bet on the boar long before.The fox and the lynx were waiting patiently to see who would come out on top, the poison already slipped into the victor's cup.
stainedglassrose Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"The dukes get younger all the time, don't they? Just look at him being all boastful and waving that cane around like he owns the world."

"Speak for yourself. I wasn't expecting the one who would be wearing the Yellow Handkerchief at his throat to be but a child."

"You flatter me."

"Have you done your part?"

"Of course, she's delivering the drink as we speak."
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017
Like in Labyrinth:…

Know it?
27Paczkis Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

The violin began to play to Mozart's 'Lacrimosa'. The boar had asked the bunny if she wanted to take this dance with him. Before she could answer, the bull rushed in promptly. The boar had looked quizzically at the bull. "What is the matter?" he asked. "The matter is you. How dare you try to take the hand of mi'lady." Before the bunny could say anything, she was once again interrupted by the bull. "Hush mi'lady." the bull says as he puts one finger on her lips. The cat and wolf begin to spectate the scene. "What could they possibly be conversing about?" the wolf asked the cat. The cat smirked. "That bull hasn't any ideal that the bunny is to be betrothed by the boar this evening. This is why the boar is hosting this ball in the first place." he replied. The bunny had yanked off the bulls hand of her lips. "I am not your betrothed." the bunny finally said. After a few moments of silence, the boar had said "I was planning to propose tonight... But you ruined it."
LuckyKoneko Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
[ENTRY] went missing so I'm posting it again (and better this time):

Cat and hound, bear and boar, bunny and bull, lynx and lion, crane and snake, and many, many more. Nobles from the entire world, gathered at the feast. Cat and Hound, rivals at best and enemies at worst, watched their guests from the sidelines. Bunny, flirting even after her betrothal, oblivious to the glares many of the guests sent her from behind their masks, smiled mildly as Bull - a mask that suited his nature, truly - defended her from Boar's slightly inappropriate advances.
Cat smiled under his mask. "He doesn't know, does he?"
Hound huffed. "Why would a Bunny choose a Lion?"
"She must've had her reasons." Cat practically purred with satisfaction.
"And so the Bunny walks into the Lion's den, and the Bunny shall never be seen again." Hound laughs roughly, a hoarse barking sound. "You know, Cat, you and your kin never fail to surprise me. What's next, dividing my pack?"
"I would never. You are far too useful to me." Cat smiled and left to break up the argument between Boar and Bull before it got too heated and someone might say something that shouldn't be said in public.
Hound was left wondering if he'd made the right decision.
ResidualAnt Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
-- Ayye I don't really care for the contest, I'm just writing this cuz why not--

The bull approached the boar, the piercing on his mask jingling up and down. He held up his saber, threateningly. The grey and red shirted duo couldn't make out the words from all the commotion, but watched with rapt attention anyway. The bull faced man pressed the saber, hard, against the other man's chest. A rabbit masked woman hung behind, watching the action but not really doing anything about it. The boar's shoulders moved up and down violently, like he had just let out a sharp breath. He towered over the bull, pointing a finger into his chest. The woman took a sip from her glass, making a face as the taste hit her tongue. The jackal and dog cackled silently, as the grey shirted man tilted his silver bottle, left and right, a smirk on his face. She reached out a hand to the bull, but he shrugged her off. Instead, he got closer to the boar and continued to argue, over an unknown problem. The half of the boar's visible face grew red, as he shot a hand out at the bull's throat. Just then, the woman, who had been swaying back and forth before, reached her hand out once more, before falling to the ground in an unsightly heap. The bull and boar suddenly dropped it, falling to her side and pushing her to and fro. Shaking her had no effect, and the glass rolled from her hand, dripping leftover liquid. All around, other party guests began falling to the ground, causing cries of shock to be emitted. People everywhere began falling to their companion or friend's side, wondering what happened to them and frantically trying to shake them back awake. The jackal and dog just nodded at each other, and slipped out silently. Everyone in that room that had gotten a drink died that night. No one ever figured out why or who. It remained one of the biggest mysteries for a while, before eventually, history forgot and the only ones that knew why had been dead for a long, long time.

Also!! this looks amazing, I love the detail in the masks haha
eychanchan Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: Haha, I love the chaos in this!
NamyaNomNom Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooo very well done! 
compass-uk Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Without a doubt, it is an interesting composition. The colours and atmosphere suggest intrigue.


"It is done. Once sip from that drink, and Lady Lupin will no longer be betraying house and country with pillow talk with that Bovine ambassador."

"I still have concerns that this action will come back to bite us." says Wolf.

"No, this little cocktail, which I procured, is made in that Boar's province. He'll be the first they suspect. And the investigators will 'find' the evidence they need." continues Fox, "This way we deal with 2 birds with 1 stone."

"The Emperor will miss his little Bunny," says Wolf, "but I know he won't miss the Boar."

"I think it is time to observe this play from a more discrete distance." suggests Fox.
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