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Just a reminder that the story-telling contest going on for this painting is ending soon!

See the Deviation below and read the description for details!

Masquerade by eychanchan

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The StupidFox StupidSale is still going on!

See coupon codes below and message me if you have any questions! :)

FoxySale by eychanchan

Wishing everyone an amazing Holiday Season, wherever you are!
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My friend, alejadraws, just opened her Etsy shop! :happybounce: 

And is doing card commissions starting at $6.00!

:star: Check it out at: Aleja's Etsy ! :star:

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Aleja Card Commission Shoutout by SilentReaper
PLUS, Use Code: THANKSALEJA to take 10% off!

:iconalejadraws: Arrow right For updates & more work, check out her DeviantArt as well!

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Sorry if this was posted multiple times but for some reason my post as "activity" kept disappearing and wasn't showing up for some people? What's up, DA?

Fox emoji - mhhhhmFoxes, Foxes Everywhere!Fox emoji - mhhhhm

Fox emoji - birthday StupidFoxSale is on now only at !

:bulletorange: Prices have been marked down for select items, PLUS, add on a discount code!

:bulletorange: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me through the store contact page!

FoxySale by SilentReaper

:iconadelair: adelair is a friend of mine and is open for commissions!
:happybounce:  She does amazing portrait work of Fanart or your OCs for a very reasonable price! See her commission samples and contact info below!

:bulletred: For commission information, send adelair a note or email her at
:bulletblack: For Video process samples, check out her YouTube Channel:

Commission Info 2017 - CLOSED by adelair
Blood Moon Diana by adelair Lee Soo Hyuk by adelair Howl by adelair   Warrior Within by adelair

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Meanwhile, in other updates,

Nick - Icon  StupidFox Convention Schedule: Nick - Icon 
WonderCon (Anaheim) – March 31 – April 2 (Artist Alley F51) - Last Planned

Wcwcwc by SilentReaper

Stupid Dreams Contest!

StupidFox Dreams Contest - Use this Image! by SilentReaper  << USE THIS IMAGE!


:star: What is StupidFox dreaming of? Is it food? Is it of flying? Draw in what it might be! :star:


You can print out the image and draw it in, or use any drawing program on the computer. There will be winners in the following categories:

    1)      1 Grand Prize – Artistic Value

    2)      1 Grand Prize – Creativity

    3)      SIX Runner Ups in either Artistic or Creative categories (Will be reduced to FOUR if not enough entries are received)

Trophy Grand Prize Winners will receive: StupidFox Plush, MiniFox Keychain, StupidFox Book2, a bunch of Random Pins/Buttons/Charms, Postcards, and a Congratulatory Sketch

Trophy Runner Up Winners will receive: MiniFox Keychain, a bunch of Random Pins/Buttons and Charms and a Congratulatory Sketch

:star: ENTRY RULES :star:- How to Send in your Entry

:bulletred:  1)   Upload your entry to DeviantArt and send a note to SilentReaper with a link – Write a short description about your piece and put a link to the contest entry or for reference.

:bulletyellow:  2) OR, Send it by E-mail to with a short description of your piece and it can be featured on the StupidFox Tumblr at

:bulletgreen::star::bulletgreen: Include the following details in your e-mail or note:

Name  //  Country  //  Medium used for Artwork  // Website (if you have one)

Winners will be contacted by the way they submitted their entry; a valid shipping address is required to receive prizes. Winning entries will be featured on DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Facebook.


:star: RULES & HINTS :star:

:bulletblue: Limit ONE Entry per person. Keep entries rated PG and under.

:bulletblue: The original image of the sleeping fox and bubble MUST be used or incorporated in the final entry. However, you can edit the original image to your liking or to match the theme of your artwork.

:bulletblue: You may resize your final image as long as it is large enough to view. You do not need to submit the picture in its original size.

:bulletblue: Any type of medium is allowed EXCEPT Photography, Photo Manipulation, or Manipulations of other people’s artwork. Your entry must be drawn or crafted with your own hands.

:bulletblue: No "Inception Style" ideas will be accepted (dream within a dream, etc). Most of the image MUST be drawn by you and cannot be made up entirely of the original image or someone else's image.

:bulletblue: The original image for the contest can be manipulated and altered digitally or by hand. Be creative and have fun!


:star: DEADLINE: APRIL 4th, 2016 :star:


:iconfurrydanceplz: StupidFox now has a Tumblr!:iconfurrydanceplz: 

Thanks to BethanyBubbles for creating and hosting the tumblr page!

:star: Stay tuned for a StupidFox Art Contest coming up later this month with Stupid Foxy Prizes :) ! Participants will be able to submit through DeviantArt and Tumblr!

:star: I think I've fainted. Please excuse the comic hiatus! I am slowly working on new comics between actual work-related things. It takes me longer to work on comics than the sketches and single-images I've been posting lately since they require more focus from me. Basically, it's easy to sneak-sketch while I'm on my lunch break (or slacking off at work OMG MOAR POEMS! ) but difficult to concentrate on working on comics when I'm worrying someone is looking over my shoulder. I've made mistakes before because of this, such as saving over files and merging layers I wasn't supposed to touch, uggghh.

:star: IN OTHER NEWS, StupidFox will be visiting the East Coast at Connecticon in Connecticut, July 7 - 10 ! For more info, check out: !
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StupidFox Stickers are now available on LINE!

Get them here! :star:… :star:

LINE is a free instant messaging app with text, voice & video calls, available on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, and more! For more information, visit:

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:star: BETTER MAP HERE: :star:

StupidFox will be at Anime Expo!

:bulletorange: Stop by Artist Alley Table# i55 to say hello :D We're somewhere in the back, middle section!

President StupidFox T-Shirts!

:star: Get yours HERE:… and get 15% OFF when you use the code: FOX15

Find more amazing clothing designed by StupidFox soon, only on the new RageOn store!

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The StupidFox App is now available on ANDROID and iPAD! A few new features have also been added and some bugs have been fixed.
Foxy La Foxy La Foxy La 

:star: Android:…

:star: iPhone / iPad (free version):…

:star: iPhone / iPad (pro version):…

3 by SilentReaper
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I haven't actually been around DeviantArt in so long that I came back to all these new features and I don't know what is going on.
:bulletred: You can schedule your deviations now? That's so convenient and something I will probably forget to use!
:bulletred: I can change the size of thumbnails in my journal? Okay, that is actually pretty fun and innovative!
:bulletred: DeviantArt "Undiscovered" section? Love it so far because then I can find new artists and I don't have to look at naked women all over the front page all the time, making the site NSFW.

But when will DeviantArt stop being laggy and have issues whenever I try to upload something? I know it's not my internet connection because I've tried on three different computers at different locations. Also, submitting a deviation feels like I'm filling out a form and it leeches the fun out of it. I understand everything needs to be categorized and there are copyright issues, but maybe I'm just really really really really lazy and I'm finding it tedious and yes okay I'm complaining a lot.

:faint: Also, I'm very sorry, I know I promised a contest. I still have a theme picked out. I'm trying to work on it, but I don't have time to organize one at the moment. If I try to organize a contest right now, I'm going to end up messing up everyone's entries and that's not fun for anyone.

And if you like the art, be sure to check out other works from the same artist! :D

For Sedda - Zelda and Dark Souls EP Cover by mintyfreshmangos   My Childhood Stars by zeldacw  Sleep until.. by gratuaidong

Taum adoption auction[Closed] by Happy-sorry  Flamingous by Sadmonster  The Butler, Chello by TheMoonlitPrince  StupidFox Cake by A-fuzz

Desert Witch by kristiansundin  Sketch271 by Spellsword95

Costume Design for Film by Robotpencil  Delivery at the slums by Tryingtofly  Factory Bookcover by Tryingtofly

  Marjan dreaming of Dash Akol-Persian literature by ali-kiani-amin  We all have secrets. by Melasiaslodkiflirt

Watch, I'm probably going to forget to update my journal again for another three months or something yaaaay
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:star: StupidFox will be at Anime Expo 2014 in Los Angeles from July 3 to 6! :star:

:party: Come visit me at Artist Alley Table #J11!


Thank you to those who contributed to helping us tear through our stretch goals for 21Draw on Indiegogo!
Funding for the campaign is closed, but you can still pre-order the book! For more information visit:…
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I'm going to be one of the artists involved this project, along with over 100 more Artists from all over the world! We'll be putting together over 1000 unique character design references, all in one book as a guide for other artists :)

:star: Get amazing character design references
:star: Improve your ability to draw hands and faces
:star: Incrase your knowledge of action poses
:star:  Get 1000 unique references in 1 book

Come check it out and see all the artists involved at Indiegogo!…
:star:  Hi there! :star:
I understand that I haven't been uploading much to DA and I haven't updated my Journal since... nearly Three Months ago eesh . This is due to several reasons:

:bulletred: DA has been laggy for me and has been giving me errors when I try to upload things. I don't know if it's the site that is having issues or if it's just me...? :shrug:

:bulletyellow: I'm more active and update more on StupidFox's Facebook Page (about 1-2 times a week) at:

:bulletgreen: I'm working full-time (plus work-related commission) so I haven't had much time to work on any large projects or personal projects. I'll get some time to do quick sketches, but that's about it :( and then I usually work on comics during the weekend.

:bulletblue: I only really use DeviantArt now as a place to store my work and sketch/spam-dumps :D I've thought about getting Tumblr or Blog or something but at the same time, I don't have much time to draw anyway :cries: ... But I do try to keep active on Facebook since it feels more interactive and it's more convenient for me to upload things (as opposed to dealing with DA glitches and lag and feeling like I have to fill out a form whenever I upload something).


I promised someone I would get a StupidFox Contest going again this year, so I'm hoping to have that happen soon. A theme has already been planned out but I don't have time to organize the event yet. :faint:
Can I have my long weekends yet?

:chew: Wait, no, actually, I want food. All that holiday food. The Thanksgiving dinners, the Christmas dinners, the New Years Celebration dinners, etc. But I always end up just eating all the sweets and never much of the actual food (I'm so healthy, guys :roll:). Pie, cake, apple cider, cookies... Yesssss.

What foods are you looking forward to eating during this Holiday season?


:star: In other news, a friend of mine (:iconbethanybubbles:) drew this lovely, girly, image of StupidFox in a Magical Girl outfit based on Card Captor Sakura... and I'm pretty sure she was sleep deprived while drawing it :XD:
Magical Stupid Fox by BethanyBubbles
I know I haven't been around much and it's also because I am terrible at updating my journal on DeviantArt and I'm getting notes asking if I'm dead  ... WELL, I am sorry to disappoint, but I am not dead yet and I'm still around, working, eating, living, all that standard people stuff.

:star: SO HERE, HAVE A RANDOM COMIC FOR NOW, which happened while Dexter and I were on our trip in Paris LAST YEAR that I haven't actually drawn until now (I am so late for everything :D) :


And something about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pie, Fall, Halloween, Turkeys, etc etc in case I forget again and don't update this journal until NEXT YEAR.

Stop by my table (D1) in the Artist Alley at:
ANIME EXPO, Los Angeles
Dates: July 4 - 7

I may be doing sketch commissions and will have pins, books, big plushies (limited stock), and plush keychains for sale!


:star: And in other news, to the American peoples: :star:

:star: In short: Yes, I will still be attending London MCM Expo in May. And (I think) I have a table in LA Anime Expo's Artist Alley in June.

:bulletred: I say "I think" for Anime Expo because they took me off wait list and I paid for the table, but I'm not sure if that means it's a 100% thing :XD:; ( I still have no idea what I'm doing, can you tell? :P ) I guess we'll see when the seating assignments come out in June.

:bulletorange: I'm going to be on a short vacation from May 27 to June 5, so I'll be sure to upload a new comic or something before I leave ;) Then again I sort of disappear from DeviantArt a lot, so it won't make much of a difference :lol:

:bulletyellow: In other news, I forgot what else I was going to say.

:bulletgreen: Green.

:bulletblue: Enjoy your weekend and partyyyyy :party:

:bulletpurple: If anyone still has finals/testing to deal with, goodluck and go defeat those tests! :w00t: (And then party) :dance:
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:bulletred: Put simply: Yes, I will be attending London MCM Expo in May. And apparently, I guess that's it this year.

:bulletred: I did sign up for AKON in Texas (also to meet up with an old friend who lives there), but that cut into the MCM schedule. Since I signed up for MCM first, I couldn't work around AKON.
Earlier this year, I also signed up for Artist Alley in AX (Anime Expo, Los Angeles) which is 30 minutes away from where I live... But they put me on waitlist so I'm guessing that is not going to go through :XD:; I mean, I'm still on the waitlist, but I know chances are slim.

:bulletred: Yeah, I'm not really good with things like this :lol: I'm the kind of person who is really indecisive until nearly the last minute. Then again, having a job and not knowing what your work schedule will be like (or if they will allow the vacation days) is sort of a hold-back as well.

So I'm sorry in advance for being terrible at organizing things like this and again, not showing up to any conventions within my own country :iconfacepalmplz:

:thumb337196497: clothes practice april 2011 by Elyan AT .::Sztylet::. by Foslo Gates of Oblivion by CohenR Strogg Iron Maiden by MikazukiShigure Stupid fox animation without background by Freaky--Like--Vivi :thumb366202880: Fuchs500 by ZPupG1rl19 Swallow mark II by Squirrel-slayer Architecture Gone Bad by Zhon890 Catch me by supaluilu Piano girl by yogiss Many wonders by Stygma Commision - Lumina by Ayasal Stagnum Maera by LunaeLucem :thumb364639097:
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ASKtheARTIST: Bi-Annual Artist Mixer Panel



Unlike our prior interviews, this will not be a "direct interview" per-say. Instead, this will be a live panel, which means that the artists won't be taking any questions directly from fans in this one. Instead, we will be giving the artists about 10-15 topics that relate to the most common questions we typically get during AtA interviews, and they will be freely discussing these topics with one another as you, the viewers, get to watch the fun of the mixer live time. :-)


The mixer is currently scheduled for February 23rd @ 12pm PST (Los Angeles Time).</b>

If you are not sure about the time zone differences, Google "current time Los Angeles" to get an estimate (note: those of you lovelies down under will likely have it on the following day, February 24th), OR simply check out the countdown on our page: :iconasktheartist:


Unlike our prior interviews, ATA won't be hosting this through the deviantART chatrooms, but will instead host it in LIVE time through our Facebook page.

:iconfbplz: --> RIGHT HERE:…

:star:The following artists have currently RSVPed to the event*:

( *See full list at… )

[ The above information was stolen from thefluffyshrimp and slightly edited for my amusement. I might attend but I am unsure of my schedule yet. If you are following any of the above artists', you should definitely go and check it out! :) ]

First of all,

I would like to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes back in December :love: I tried answering all or most of your Birthday/Holiday wishes, and I am really sorry if I missed your comment! If you did not get a response from me or if you had a question, please feel free to send me a note anytime and I'll get back to you :)


:star: Second, I know I went missing for about two months but I'm hoping that things will start slowing down again so I can work on comics and other art-related things. I have a bunch of tm Comics lined up since... 4 months ago... and I'm hoping to actually work on them soon (Along with StupidFox, of course). But mainly during these past two months, I've been doing a lot of sketching and going back on working with old mediums.

Warning: This is a Beginning of a Rant

:bulletred: Recently, I've realized that I do not have as much time to work on art as I did one year ago. And I look back to previous projects that I had done several years ago and I remember being able to stay in one place for 6 hours straight working on one project. Of course, that was when I was in school and I had a lot of free hours. However, now I work 8-10 hours a day doing office work that is not as much art-related. (To clarify, it is not that I dislike my office job, but I would prefer not having to work and just sit at home and draw whatever I want :P ) But of course, this also means I may not be updating as "regularly" on DeviantArt, since I won't have as much to show.

:bulletblue: People have asked me why I don't pursue drawing as a career so that I can be doing something I enjoy, but I never saw myself in a "professional" position with being an artist. Even though I only have about 2-3 hours a day to draw, it is something I look forward to after a long day of work. Personally, I prefer that rather than looking at drawing as a part of a job or a chore. I enjoy drawing for drawing, I like seeing other people's work to learn from them bit by bit, and I enjoy telling stories and so I draw them out as comics (because I am terrible at writing, if you couldn't tell already, haha). What I don't like is only having that 2-3 hour time gap to draw, but what can I do :P ?  

:bulletyellow: To people who are still reading this, I hope you all keep doing what you love whether it is just as a hobby or as your job. And, (while we're on the topic), to artists struggling to decide whether they should continue drawing or not because they "don't have a large audience on DeviantArt" or that they're not "good enough"... ask yourself if you are drawing because you enjoy it or because you just expect a lot of public attention. I know that in my position it's "easy for me to say", but I still remember when I thought 10 faves was a lot and meant a lot to me, and now the numbers are just meaningless statistics. In any case, remember that your greatest audience will always be your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself. Make time for your hobbies, don't turn your hobby into some kind of competition (unless it calls for it), and don't stop doing what you really enjoy :)
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